National Geographic KIDS!

Have you ever read a magazine with jokes, puzzles, facts about nature, world records, game reviews, short stories, fill-in-the-blanks, cool art, stunning photos and more? I have!

National Geographic Kids is fun for children of all ages - there's sure to be at least one thing you will enjoy. It has a wide assortment of different topics, from nature and animals to video games and technology. It's filled with bright colors and bouncy photos, and stories and jokes that always make me laugh.
I have often times saved them to show to my friends - or I'll impress them with the cool facts I've learned. The magazines are perfect to pile into a bag and take along on a road trip, or when you're planning to be waiting for something for a long time, because there are always going to be a couple of missed word-finds or a story you haven't read.

And if you have kids under 6, there's National Geographic Little Kids, which is full of cute pictures and fun and simple crafts that are perfect for kids who still are at home with Mom or Dad. Go to www.NationalGeographic.com to subscribe to both.

NG Kids for ages 7-14.

NG Little Kids for ages 3-6;

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