Attack of the Killer Video Book (Mark Shulman & Hazlitt Krog)

These days, children are pretty different from, let's say, children in 1910. One hundred years ago, there were no video games - let alone TVs, computers, anything like that. So for kids even under 10 years old to be running around with a video camera these days is obviously something somewhat new.

Some kids like to make videos just as something to do on occasion when bored, but others are young directors. I love making short films, and also just playing around with video editing effects on the computer, and after getting this book, I started understanding so much more, and taking it more seriously.

This book definitely is full of opportunities for beginners, but also new ideas for kids already interested in making videos. It goes over tips and techniques that can still be helpful when working on more advanced things, but keeps it simple nonetheless.

Learn the different angles and shots, and what they're called, cool editing techniques, and even sound effects that you can make on your own! I think it's a great start to your movie-making career.

Recommended for ages 10-16.

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