Through My Eyes (Ruby Bridges)

"Through My Eyes" by Ruby Bridges is about an amazing woman in black history. In this inspirational and touching book, a young black girl named Ruby Bridges goes to an all-white school. You'll learn all kinds of things about that time period, from the KKK, to demonstrations on integration, to what the civil rights movement was like through the eyes of a black woman - hence the title. This book is full of photographs from that time, too, and the book isn't long, either. I've always thought this time in history was an interesting thing to learn about, and after reading "Through My Eyes," I really got an image of what it was actually like to live then. I think this book will inspire you to research more about civil rights, like it did for me. Although this book is targeted toward children and young adults, I think that everybody, young and old, should read it because of the message it sends: Don't judge a book by the cover. I recommend this book for ages 6 and up.

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