How Artists See series (Colleen Carroll)

This unique and interactive series written by Colleen Carroll brings out the beauty and excitement in art. On each page is a painting, some incredibly famous ones, and some not-so-famous ones. The author isn't just talking about the painting, but talking to the reader about it. Asking questions like: How many colors do you see? How does the artist convey the feelings of the person in the picture? I am an artist, and Carroll really points out some things I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't made it clear. These books are spectacular for young readers and older ones alike, considering that it is teaching you so well. The author also gives some information about the artists in the book, and compares their work with others. Each page is brief and easy to read, making this book good for little ones, too. Some of the books in this fun, artistic series include: "How Artists See Artists," "How Artists See the Elements," "How Artists See People," "How Artists See Heroes," "How Artists See Play" and "How Artists See Cities." I recommend these books for ages 7 and up.

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Colleen Carroll said...

Hi Grace! I am the author of the How Artists See series, and just came across your blog post. Thank you so much for your wonderfully written and sensitive review. When I set out to write the very first volume, I strived to make the text conversational, as if I were standing in front of a painting with a child in a museum...just talking about the work and asking questions that would make that child want to look closer and deeper. I'm so glad you like the books. Best of luck with your writing and blog, and thanks again!