My Book About Me (Dr. Seuss & Roy McKie

It's always fun to look back at drawings you did, stories you wrote and crafts you made when you were a little kid, but wouldn't it be awesome to meet yourself as a 5-year-old? "My Book About Me" is a super silly, artistic and unique way to do just that. With all kinds of fill-in-the-blanks, the book includes simple questions like "How old are you?" and "How many teeth have you lost?" along with things like "How many shoelaces do you own?" and "How many windows are in your house?" It also has a section where you can draw your hairstyle on a pre-drawn face, and trace your feet and hands. This book has all kinds of fun things like that, which is why it is so great to keep, so you can look back and see all of your favorite things. I did one when I was 4, and then later when I was 7. It was so fun to compare the differences and see how I'd changed! This book has been around for a long while, and was first published in 1969. Even my mom had a copy when she was young. This book is great for all ages, because with the writing parts, parents can help, and the drawing parts kids can do on their own. I remember how excited I was when I finished writing in my first one, and now I'm waiting for my third book to come in the mail! Ages 4-14.

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