Amelia's Notebook Series (Marissa Moss)

Amelia is an artistic girl with a creative brain. She is known for writing constantly in her journals, where she draws funny pictures and comics, hilarious quizzes and games, and tapes important things onto the pages. Take a peak inside of Amelia's notebooks, and read with her illustrations and notes. This series is so interactive for the reader, and it takes so long to finish one of the Amelia's Notebook stories, because you just HAVE to examine each funny drawing! I love the character Amelia, because she is very independent, and is very clever. The author, Marissa Moss, is great at writing from the point of view of a young middle school girl, and really knows how they think and feel. I also love the set-up of the book itself, with actual lined paper, and illustrations that look just like they are drawn by a kid using crayons. The books aren't divided into chapters, either, making it just like a real notebook or diary. Multiple times my friends have asked me to lend them one of the many Amelia's Notebooks that I have, including: Vote 4 Amelia, Amelia's Science Fair Disaster, Amelia's School Survival Guide, Amelia's 5th Grade Notebook, Amelia's 6th Grade Notebook, Amelia's 7th Grade Notebook, and Amelia Tells All. I recommend this series for ages 8-10.

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