Get a Clue (Julian Press)

Mind puzzling and wonderfully interactive, this series by Julian Press keeps you thinking hard. With your finger on your chin, you'll flip through the pages, and have your eyes wide open. In these books, the author gives you a short, one page look at what is going on in this situation, and then gives you a question about what's wrong, or something that stands out in the picture. On the next page, the story goes on, revealing what happened on the page before, so you know if you are correct or incorrect. The pictures usually aren't very detailed, so it's not the "Where's Waldo?" kind of thing where you're looking at a page of complication, but you're looking instead for a certain detail in a simple picture. The stories are brief and easy to understand, and is incredibly fun for the whole family to try to figure out the fun thing going on. My brother enjoys this series just as much as I do, and he is 7-years-old, and he can read it with a little help, because the words and sentences are short and easy. I recommend these books for ages 7 and up.

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