Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope (Nikki Grimes)

A little boy named David was curious about the man he say on TV. "Who is that?" he asked his mother. "That's Barack Obama," she replied. Go on a journey with young David as his mother tells him the story of Barack Obama, from when he was just a young boy like David, to him as a candidate in the 2008 election. This book is wonderful for kids to learn about President Obama, because it is spoken from the mother to her son, it is targeted toward kids, so children can really understand his life. This book really taught me a lot about our new president, and now I like him even more! The illustrations are by Bryan Collier, and are simply magical. They are somehow collage-like, and it makes me want to look at every little detail of it. They are very bright and colorful, it makes the whole page look so alive. Each page also has a little snippet of David talking to his mother about what she is telling him, that has something to do with the part of the story they are at. This book is very beautiful, for Barack Obama fans and even those who AREN'T fans. All in all, he is our new president of the United States, and that makes this book very important to everyone. I recommend this book for ages 8 to 80.

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doc said...

What a grand addition to President Obama's legacy. Grimes and Collier make quite a brilliant team. Their unique attention to detail pulls the reader into the room right next to David.
I attended the inauguration and remain inspired by this wondrous time in history!