Ghostgirl (Tonya Hurley)

Charlotte Usher is completely invisible at school, and she knows that next year will be the same. So, she decides to try better. Over the summer she gives herself a makeover, desperate to stand out in the crowd, and maybe even stand out to Damen Dylan, the most popular jock in the high school. By the end of the summer, she is confident about the first day of school. A couple of her attempts on being popular go downhill, but she keeps her chin up. By her first class, things start to get a ton better: Damen asked her to tutor him in physics! Of course, Charlotte is overjoyed and agrees. So, class has ended now, and Charlotte is about to leave when, suddenly, she starts coughing. The gummy bear she was nibbling on has lodged itself in her throat, and she begins to choke! And then it all goes black. And this is where the story gets started. This page-turning novel about life and death really talks about what people will go through to fit in with the crowd. "Ghostgirl" is great for all lovers of horror, fantasy and romance. Tonya Hurley really understands how stressful high school can be, and how people handle it. When I first saw this book, it immediately stood out on the bookstore shelf; it is a very beautiful book, the cover incredibly elaborate. A black book with splashes of pink here and there, and on the front there is a shape of a coffin, and inside is the shadowy outline of Charlotte. Although I am 10, I suggest that you should flip through this book before you let one of your younger children read it, because it has a good bit of foul language, scary parts and romantic themes. I recommend this book for ages 12 and older.

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