The Lorax (Dr. Suess)

"The Lorax" is more than a children's book with silly rhymes and colorful pictures; it has deep political messages, but they aren't too deep for children.

This book is about a creature called the Lorax who "speaks for the trees because they have no tongues," when a big company starts cutting down trees and polluting the water and air. But the book is really about respecting the planet, and how large factories and corporations are effecting the world. It is about the importance of having a smaller carbon footprint, and treating nature with respect.

The book, with its unusual whimsical shapes and bursts of color in the illustrations, and made-up words in the poetry, was rather groundbreaking for its time (1971), and Dr. Suess was good at doing this. His other books, such as "Yrtle the Turtle" and "Horton Hears a Who," are about being peaceful and understanding the world.

"The Lorax" is a story about recognizing environmental problems, speaking up for the planet, and the power in all of us to make a change.

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