Girls are Not Chicks (Jacinta Bunnell)

"Girls Are Not Chicks" is a feminist coloring book created to empower girls and women, and encourage them to love themselves despite their flaws. In this comedic and clever collection of wisdom, girls trade in Barbies for things that are "a little less destructive," fix and create things without help from men, and look past all of the lace and ribbons to see who they truly are. The pictures are bold, clear and easy to color, with images like ballerinas holding wrenches and girls speaking up for themselves. They each have short and simple messages like "Violet puts food on the table with tractors, not teaspoons," and "Wear shoes. Don't live in them."

This makes a great gift for women and girls (or men and boys!) of all ages, and though it might irk the small-minded, it will keep all the feminists laughing.

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