Please Write in this Book (Mary Amato)

When Ms. Wurtz hides an empty journal in the "Writing Corner" of her classroom, with only a small note inside telling the children to talk to each other through the notebook, creativity strikes. Eventually all the students find it, and they all have their own ideas. The girls want to write nice things with pretty pictures and cute poems, but all the boys want to do is talk about snot, smelly feet and worm poop.

Unsurprisingly, a silent war hits the classroom, and everyone wants different rules. "Please Write in This Book" is laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming and unique.

It's so cool to get to know all of the characters, only through their journal entries, because each child has their own handwriting, art style and personality, which makes it a riot to watch how they interact with each other, and you get to peek into their lives.

If you like Marissa Moss's Amelia's "Notebook" series, or Jeff Kinney's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books, then you'll definitely love this fun read.

What's better than a bunch of little kids goofing off and having fun? Ages 8-10.

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