Emily the Strange: The Lost Days (Rob Reger & Jessica Gruber)

One day in the tiny town of Blackrock, Emily the Strange wakes up on a park bench, not knowing who she is. Nothing can spark her memory, and the only things she has are her slingshot and her journal.

She begins to search for clues to find her identity, but not telling anyone about her amnesia.

So when she starts to find things that are hers, like her four cats, she has no idea who they belong to, and ignores the clue. You need to help solve the mystery of Emily's past along with her.

In this novel about my favorite little Goth girl, you will see many black cats, a lean-to made from a refrigerator box, a 9-year-old psychic, terrible nightmares, sarcastic humor and midnight wandering.

The book has pictures on every page, mostly in just red, black and white. It also has "taped in" pictures from Emily's Polaroid camera, her own illustrations and many lists (all go up to 13), because the book itself is her journal.

If you enjoy this book, you will love the "Emily the Strange" comics, filled with all kinds of fun things, and also go to the "Emily the Strange" Web site, at www.emilystrange.com.

I recommend this book for ages 10 and up.

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