Listen to the Wind (Greg Mortenson)

When Greg Mortenson was lost while hiking in the mountains in Pakistan, he came upon a small village in Korphe that included many children. Being a nurse, he realized what situation the people were in, and it was not a good one.

As they brought Mortenson back to health, he spoke with the children, and they told him about how they loved to learn but didn't have a proper school.

They were taught once a week, and they were forced to write on the ground with sticks.

Before Mortenson left, he spoke with Haji Ali, the wise man in the village, and asked him what he could do to help them.

Haji Ali replied, "Listen to the wind," and so Greg listened, and heard the voices of the children at their lessons.

He promised to come back again and help them build a school.

This incredibly moving book shows that with determination and loyalty, you can do anything, despite the obstacles. The people in the town had to create a 284-foot bridge across the river so they could transport each item for the school from one side of the mountain to the other, and built the entire schoolhouse by hand.

And it is impossible not to mention the beautiful illustrations by Susan L. Roth that go perfectly with the story - colorful, simple and beautiful at the same time.

Now Greg Mortenson has built many schools across Pakistan and Afghanistan, and founded the organization Pennies for Peace, raising pennies from around the nation to help build more schools.

For more information, go to www.PenniesforPeace.org.

For older readers, Mortenson co-authored "Three Cups of Tea," the same story of the school he built in Korphe. Go to www.ThreeCupsofTea.com. I recommend this book for ages 4-8.

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