River Beds (Gail Karwoski)

Would you like to know how river animals all over the world sleep? Did you know that river otters wrap themselves in plants so they don't float downstream? River Beds will show you how these creatures live; and in the back of the book, there is a colorful map that shows you where the animals live! There is also a matching activity at the end for readers to test what they've learned. I really love animals, and there were many things in the book that I didn't know about. The pictures by Connie McLennan are gorgeous; I took a lot of time studying them, and noticed how detailed they really are. I think it would be fun for little kids to find the animals in the pictures, and for the older kids to learn more about these animals and where they live. The author, Gail Karwoski, lives and teaches in Athens. I recently met her and had my book signed. River Beds is a sequel to Water Beds: Sleeping in the Ocean. I recommend this book for ages 3-9.


MEEEEOWWW! said...

ooh you got that at the fair i think!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello - I found your blog while wandering around the world wide (time) waster - much more fun than paying the bills. I love to read, and love to give books to the kids in my family - and I am always thrilled when I hear back that a particular book was a hit! One of my favorite places to buy books is Chinaberry.com, as I like their philosophy about reading and parenting, and I prefer to support small businesses rather than big chains. You might find some interesting books there.

Gracie said...

Hi, Miss Mouse! Thanks for the tip!