My Last Best Friend (Julie Bowe)

Ida May misses her best friend Elizabeth so badly. They had EVERYTHING in common. They promised to be best friends forever. BFFs. And then Elizabeth moves away. They promise to write every week. But Ida May doesn't get any letters. How could this happen to Ida May? She thought they were going to stay friends. But then there is a new girl at school, and it's Stacey Merriweather. Ida doesn't want to have a new best friend. Elizabeth Evans was perfect. This book by Julie Bowe is great especially for girls, because it deals with problems that tween girls go through. I enjoyed this book because I really felt the feelings that Ida felt. It really seems like it is a 10 year old girl writing. Another book by the wonderful author Julie Bowe, is My New Best Friend, the sequel for My Last Best Friend.  I recommend  for ages 8-11.


Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,
Thanks so much for reviewing my book! I'm really happy you liked it. Thanks for mentioning the sequel, too. It just came out last month so it's really fun to see that people are already reading it. :)

Thanks again and happy reading!

With friendship,
Julie Bowe

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i'd like to read that.......