Harriet The Spy (Louise Fitzhugh)

Harriet doesn't play spy, she is a spy. She brings her composition notebook everywhere. She writes about everybody in her journal, nice things and not so nice things. One day when Harriet is playing tag with her friends, she loses her notebook! When her friends find her notebook, they start to read it; ALL of it. How is Harriet going to get her friends back? Her life will never be the same ever again! This classic book By Louise Fitzhugh will make you laugh, cry, and feel the feelings that Harriet feels. Other books by Fitzhugh include: Sport, The Long Secret, and of course Harriet Spies Again, a sequel to Harriet the Spy.  I reccomend Harriet the Spy for ages 8-12.


pen name Honahlei said...

Love that book!

Josette said...

Hi there, nice review!

This is the only Fitzhugh book that I've read. I'll try to read the other ones which you recommended!