The Tyger (William Blake & Neil Waldman)

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night ..."

This fantastic book introduces kids to classic poetry using one of William Blake's most well-known and most studied pieces. Although Blake's original poem "The Tyger" (from his collection "Songs of Innocence and of Experience") was printed in 1795, it still is highly analyzed by literary critics and young readers alike.

The poem coincides with beautiful paintings by Neil Waldman, in which he captures the spirit of the mysterious and clever tiger perfectly.

The illustrations are mostly black and white, with bursts of orange, yellows, purples and greens that will draw the eyes of children as well as adults. Although the pictures aren't always parallel with the theme of the poem, they are intriguing nonetheless, with or without the writing.

It's a great piece of literature that, though it has many metaphors children probably won't pick up on, has the flowing, charming nature that will keep them wanting more.

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