Ten Amazing People & How They Changed the World (Maura D. Shaw)

This inspirational book introduces 10 powerful spirits, from Malcolm X to Mother Teresa to Desmond Tutu, and how they changed the world with their strong hearts and determined minds. The book is written in a way that is understandable for young children, yet not boring for older kids, and has all sorts of great information on peacemakers throughout the 20th century.

Each person has a beautiful, collage-like illustration, a biography, a timeline of significant events in that person's life, quotes and more. An intriguing look at history without the typical white, rich men theme.

"10 Amazing People" shows kids that everyone can make a difference, no matter what their religion or race. It puts out the message that religions don't have to be separate, but can mix together as one. The book features people from religious backgrounds in Buddhism, Islamism, Catholicism, Christianity and Hinduism, who all have made an incredibly positive impact on our world.

The moral is that it doesn't matter what religion you follow or beliefs you have, as long as you do what is right. Recommended for ages 6-adult.

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