Our Choice: Young Readers Edition (Al Gore)

Based on the best-selling book for adults, former Vice President Al Gore's new Young Readers Edition of "Our Choice" has all the information a child needs to realize that global warming really is a big deal. Gore says in the book, "So far, the climate crisis has not seemed real to most people. The world's average temperature is rising now. But the difference is too small for some to notice."

This inspirational book includes all kinds of information about what has caused global warming, and what we can do to prevent it.

How solar panels work, what greenhouse gases are, and what a "passive solar" home is. It shows alternative ways to run your car, and better ways to heat and use electricity in your home.

Not just adults, but children need to start working to save the Earth, because it's the only planet we have. And we need to do this now. It's our choice.

I recommend this book for ages 8-13.

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