The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

Have you ever wondered how to whistle with your fingers, juggle, or figure out how many days old you are? If so, continue reading.

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity is full of all kinds of hilarious, clever and just plain ridiculous tricks, facts, jokes, games, things to cut out and MUCH more - in fact, it's more than 410 pages long!

This is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike, who love to have fun, be silly and enjoy talking about toilet humor. It's interesting for both genders (although they use the term him, he, his etc. annoyingly often in this book), and definitely will keep you occupied for a very long period of time.

Not enough immaturity for you? Then check out Volume 2! Yep, there's a second one, and this one is 200 pages. So bring out your inner child and get "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity"! Ages 9-90.

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Rosemary said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be picking these up for special girls & boys I know, AND I'll be reading them, too.