Little Jordan Ray's Muddy Spud

When little Jordan Ray sets off with a big muddy spud he found, he's looking to make a deal with somebody to get rid of it, and take the money home to his family. But what he thought would be one simple trade turns into a long line of trades. This adventurous story by Gris Grimly ("Gris Grimly's Wicked Nursery Rhymes," "Tales of Mystery and Madness") comes along with all kinds of wacky, and sometimes spooky characters.There is a picture on every page, and it's all beautifully illustrated in watercolors, with a very Tim Burton-esque style, including exaggerated and crazy scenery with lots of pale greens, grays, browns and yellows.It's written as kind of a long poem, rhyming on every page, along with one sentence that goes throughout the book, adding words every time a new character comes along. It's very cleverly written, and is great for ages 8-10.

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The Kirkndopps said...

Our whole family LOVED this book. The illustrations, the play on the story itself. Seriously, one of my personal favorites!