The Great Kapok Tree (Lynne Cherry)

When a young man comes to the Amazon Rain Forest to cut down trees, he finds the Kapok tree, and his boss instructs him to chop it down.But when he falls asleep underneath the tree, the different animals of the forest whisper in his ear about what the tree means to them, and how chopping it down effects the forest and the world.It is written and illustrated by Lynne Cherry, who went to the rain forest in Brazil to research the illustrations for this book, which really shows in the paintings of the animals.There are many animals I had never heard of, like the hoatzin and the Kinkajou.This book puts out a great message, not just for kids, but for adults, too: that rain forests are very special places and we need to protect them. It really captures how amazing the Amazon Rain Forest is, and the incredible creatures that live in it, many of which are dying because of destruction of their habitats.The reason I remembered this book is because earlier this summer, the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens had an exhibit up of paintings and 3-D vines, waterfalls, animals, plants and bugs made by local children, inspired by this book.The exhibit already came down, but read this book and you'll be inspired, too. Recommended for everyone.

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