Children Just Like Me (Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley)

Do you want to learn about life in other countries, but through the eyes of a child? Read Children Just Like Me! Full of bright photographs, this book shows you all kinds of fun things about living in another place! From Oscar in Bolivia, to Jin-Joo in Japan, you learn things like what they eat, where they live, about their family, even what clothes they wear! I think that it's a really great way to learn about something when there is something about it that you can relate to, which in this case is age. It makes it so easy- and fun- when you are learning about a place through the eyes of a child. I believe that most of the children in this book range from the age of about seven to fifteen, making kids of many ages able to relate. And this book is incredibly accurate, because UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) is a foundation that works with children all over the world, and UNICEF helped produce this book! The pictures also tell a lot, which makes it fun for younger kids to learn, just from the pictures! In the back, there is a small travel diary written by the authors (Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley). They talk about the adventures they went through to go to 31 different countries! All in all this is a great book, and I learned a whole lot from it myself. I recommend Children Just Like Me for ages 5 and up.

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